Born in Barcelona and graduated in the University of Pharmacy (U.B)

In 2001 I travelled for 6 months following the Silk Road from Istanbul to Beijing and across Iran and Central Asia. After this trip I discovered 2 things: My passion for travelling and for the photography, so I decided to mix them.

I have published in several spanish travel magazines ( Rutas del Mundo, De Viajes, Altaïr) and sunday mags ( El Avui, El Pais Semanal, Argia, Zazpika, El Periódico…) and international magazines ( SLAM, Marie Claire Russia, JPG Mag, Globetrotter, Viaggiando…)

My photos have been also published in travel guidebooks of Anaya Touring and books ( “Sueños perdidos en la ruta de la Seda”, “Cáucaso entre leyendas y kalashnikov” and “El Burka como excusa”)


photo tours available soon. For more information: